Criteria To Submit A Photo for SAHC homepage

All SAHC members in good standing are welcome to submit a photo or two for placement on the website home page's rotating marquee of images. The few criteria need to achieve this are:

1) The image should be single 640x480 pixels (landscape oriented) jpg formatted pics, one per submittal. We encourage higher density images, although they need not be current photos.

2) The photographer is responsible for cropping before submitting, if necessary.

3) A wide-range of subjects can be submitted, including hikers (members and non-members in the mix are fine, but please avoid "line-up" or otherwise posed photos), wildflowers, animals, the night sky, etc. in an AZ wilderness setting.

4) Include a 2-3 word identifying description in the email which I can add to the rolling marquee.

5) The total number on the home page will be no more than 15 images, currently 11. If you wish to replace one which you previously submitted, please note that.

6) The image must have been created by a SAHC member, it can't simply be a "great photo I found on the web".

All submittals or questions should be submitted to, and if I need to add or change any criteria, I will include these changes here.

If you wish, attach your photo to this email form for the SAHC Webmaster
Barry Winkler
(Revised 8-19-19)

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