Painted Hills: We completed the machine built trail back in December of 2018 and opened the park up to the public at that time. From the positive feedback we’ve received, people are discovering this trail and enjoying it. Thanks again to the folks who put in the time to complete this first trail at Painted Hills. We are now transitioning to the other single-track loops, which will be hand-built and are looking for volunteers to help us with this.

Painted Hills Volunteer Event Dates
(Location: 3590 W. Anklam Rd. - Tucson, AZ 85745)
    Day Volunteer hours
Saturday, March 23 8 am - noon
Saturday, April 6 8 am - noon
Sunday, April 14 8 am - noon
Saturday, April 27 7 am - 11 am
Saturday, May 4 7 am - 11 am
Saturday, May 11 7 am - 11 am

To register for a Painted Hills event, please RSVP Christine Michalowski by email by     clicking here or Mark Flint.

Enchanted Hills: With help from Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists and AmeriCorps, the Pima County trails program has completed all the machine built trail (3.5 miles) and have a good start on hand-building (0.5 miles). There is still plenty of hand-building to go, see below for a list of Enchanted Hills volunteer event dates:

Enchanted Hills Volunteer Event Dates
(Location: 36th Street Trailhead)
    Day Volunteer hours
Saturday, March 16 8 am - noon
Sunday, March 24 8 am - noon
Saturday, March 30 8 am - noon
Sunday, April 7 8 am - noon
Saturday, April 13 8 am - noon
Saturday, April 20 8 am - noon
Sunday, April 28 7 am - 11 am
Saturday, May 4 7 am - 11 am
Saturday, May 11 7 am - 11 am

To register for an Enchanted Hills event, please do so through the link below set up through Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists: or click here.

A large component to the Enchanted Hills project has been trash clean-up and rehabilitation of old roads and impacted areas.
That said: **One thing we really need help with on the Enchanted Hills project is revegetation. I know many of you have day jobs and things going on during the week. However, if you are able to assist with revegetation (transplanting cacti and other vegetation, and planting seeds) during the week, please get in touch with me.**
Conceptual plans for both trail systems are available here: or click here.

Lastly, we have a seed ball making event at the Pima County NRPR office (3500 W. River Rd. - Tucson, AZ 85741) on Saturday, March 16 from 8:30 am - 11:30 am to help with our revegetation efforts. Again, please RSVP myself or Mark Flint (if you already received an email from him) if you are interested in this event.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions.
Thanks so much, we couldn’t do what we do without our volunteers!

Neil Stitzer
Trails Coordinator
Pima County NRPR
email:       clicking here

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