Southern Arizona Hiking Club

Hiking the Mountains, Canyons & Trails of Southern Arizona for Over 60 Years

SAHC Code of Conduct

I want to preserve the outdoors for the full enjoyment of others, and I will: 

  • Respect all public and private property. 
  • Leave all gates as found unless signed otherwise.
  • Build fires in a safe place and make sure they are put out before leaving.         
  • Carry out my litter, including apple cores, banana skins, and orange peels.         
  • On a trail hike, stay on trail and not cut switchbacks. 
  • Preserve wildlife and not contaminate any water supply.
  • Conduct myself in such a manner as not to impair the safety, health or enjoyment of others and myself.
  • Accept the leadership and instructions of the guide. 
  • Bring no pets or firearms. 
  • Not participate in any outing which is beyond my physical capability. 
  • Bring food, water, clothing and equipment which is appropriate for each outing.
  • Leave no one behind by always waiting for the hiker behind me at all trail junctions, water crossings, snow and other difficult sections of the hike.

(Revised 2/6/2019)