Southern Arizona Hiking Club

Hiking the Mountains, Canyons & Trails of Southern Arizona for Over 60 Years

Choosing A Hike

The surest way to a disastrous first experience with a hiking club is to sign up for a hike beyond your capabilities. It cannot be emphasized enough - start small and work your way up to the longer and more difficult hikes. Remember, many hikes in this area have significant elevation gain. So if you are not accustomed to hiking in mountainous terrain, start with the easy hikes with little elevation gain. With regular hiking you will soon find yourself on the more difficult trails.

If hiking is a social activity for you, sign up for the leisurely paced and social paced trips. These are normally led at a pace which fosters socializing among the participants. If hiking is your way of getting a workout, try the fast paced hikes. But remember, these hikes do not normally slow down on steep trails. Be prepared to test your lung power!

Among the attractions on Southern Arizona hikes are panoramic views, wildflowers, ponderosa pine, aspens, alligator junipers, wildlife, rock formations, and permanent pools of water. 

Hikes are classified by mileage, elevation gain and pace. See Hike Classifications.