Vol. 61 No. 7, April 20, 2019

President’s Message

Our March program began with a celebration of the life of club founder Pete Cowgill. Many thanks to Judy for bringing some of Pete's books to share with people. Also thanks to his children and others for sharing their memories.

May brings our spring picnic at Rose Canyon Lake on Saturday, May 4. Our guides will be putting in a number of hikes that day. If you’re not hiking (or even if you are) please consider volunteering to help with the organizing and serving duties. It's a good way to help the club and you’ll probably get to know some new people.

We’re also in the midst of our nominations process. We need people to run for various positions on the board. These are not onerous or time-consuming jobs. To continue the success of our club, we need people to participate in keeping it the vibrant, active organization that it is. So, step up!

Gail Kamaras

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