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SAHC Website Submission Errors

In response to complaints about the SAHC website not working properly when submitting hikes or hike results.

Folks need to understand that the website process may not work 100% of the time, I would venture to say that I think the SAHC website works 99% of the time. The web host does not claim that their services are available 100% of the time,  99% is the claim.

The SAHC website rents space on a web hosting server, we are not the only website on the server.  When an error occurs most of the time it is a server issue.  The server may be experiencing a lot of traffic when the submission error occurs.  The server may be in the middle of a reboot, it may experience memory issues from time to time.  Perhaps the data got corrupted  in the transmission process.  The best remedy is for the user is to reload the page and refresh the browser window.  If this does not correct the issue, simply waling for awhile and trying the submission again and it will probably work fine.  

The other day I went to use my banks ATM, it was not operating properly, have you ever went out and tried to start your car and the battery was dead?  Things happen, things don’t always work the way they should.  That’s life!

The SAHC website is complicated, it has a login process, it has several large databases that need to be referenced on a daily basis, it works fine most of the time, on the occasions when it doesn’t perform the way it should please don’t panic and complain, just be patient and try again in a short while.

Jerry Dean

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