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Reschedule of a celebration hike for the Arizona Trail

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Come help me celebrate my completion of Arizona Trail Passages 1 through 20 by hiking 5.4 miles on passage 5 (an out-and-back hike).  Gary Fabiano and I will co-guide a hike between Box Canyon and Oak Tree Canyon crossings that will complete my 368.4 miles of the Arizona Trail from the Mexican border at monument #102 at the start of passage 1 to the end of passage 20 at Pigeon Springs trailhead.  All hikers are welcome.  Expect an easy pace and a fun hike with (celebratory) refreshments at the end.  All hikers earn 2.7 miles on the Arizona Trail and a hearty thanks for joining Gary and me for this event.

John Ohm


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