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eHike Notifications

The new design of the SAHC website does not allow emailing of the Hike Submission form.  The same Hike Submission form is used for eHikes and Bulletin hikes, when submitted the hike information is submitted to a hike database.  One key advantage of this design is members now only have to look in one location on the website for Current Hikes.  Technically there are no eHikes, all hikes are now Current Hikes.  It was decided that the word eHike would precede the title of the hike to make it easier for members to view hikes that are not printed in the Bulletin.  As a result of the new design eHike Notifications can no longer be sent out.  To make sure you do not miss any hikes you may be interested in please check the Current Hikes page on a regular basis.  To view eHikes only you may do a custom hike search by entering the word eHikes in the hike title field, only Current Hikes with eHike in the Hike Title will be returned.

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