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Canyon List Info

The list consists of named canyons within Southern Arizona Hikes begin at legal access to the canyon and go to the headwaters. Some canyons have been broken into sections. The hike may go either up or down canyon. To qualify for any one section the entire distance indicated must be covered. It is expected  that travel will be in the canyon itself whenever possible, not on adjacent trails. A rating of 1 to 4 has been established to distinguish “Canyon Hikes” from trail hikes. This rating is as follows:  

1EasyHands used for balance only
2ModerateHands used for climbing
3DifficultExposure, rock scramble
4StrenuousExposure, large boulders to negotiate

These ratings are to be used in conjunction with our existing distance and elevation ratings, for example, a canyon hike would be rated  B/3.
There are 96 hikes on the list. A hiker is eligible for an award upon completion of 22 indicated hikes, all of which must be officially scheduled SAHC trips.  Additional patches will be awarded upon the completion of 44 and 88 canyon hikes, 29 for the 44 Award and 58 for the 88 Award must be scheduled SAHC trips.

SAHC Canyon List 2018.pdf