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SAHC Membership Numbers

It has been noted that some members and guides are using their SAHC website login number containing preceding zeros instead of their member numbers on Trail sheets, Hike Submission Forms, Hike Results Forms and Membership Renewal forms.

Member numbers do not contain preceding zeros, only the website login uses preceding zeros to obtain the six characters required for the login process.  Members may also change their password to any password containing at least 6 characters.

Using preceding zeros in the above processes may result in additional time and cause errors in the processing of the forms.  In the Hike Results form using preceding zeros in the member numbers may result in the form returning Unknown in the member name field.  If not corrected the Bulletin Editor must lookup the names and this results in additional time and effort to publish the Bulletin and eBulletin.

The incorrect numbers may also cause errors in the processing of SAHC statistical reports and other forms.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Ticks in the Rincons

In the last month, as Saguaro National Park biologists have worked around Manning Camp (~8000') and hiked to and fro, they've encountered ticks.  This is the first time they know of that ticks have been reported in the Rincons.   

They collected a number of these ticks and are sending them off to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta to see if the Rincon ticks carry any of the diseases carried by other Arizona ticks.   

Diseases of concern are Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, which can be fatal, and Rickettsia parkeri rickettsiosis (documented in Santa Cruz County and the Santa Ritas).  The bacteria behind the two diseases are different species.  The ticks which carry them are also different species. See PDF

R parkeri flyer.pdf 

Secure SAHC Website

Recently we have had a few inquiries concerning the security of the SAHC website.  Google is pushing all websites to be secure whether or not sensitive information is being transmitted.  So how does the SAHC website measure up.

The SAHC website uses a third party form building service, the membership form and membership renewal forms are SSL secured by this company.  All personal information transmitted in the forms are encrypted and secure.

The online credit card information transmitted for new members and renewing members is handled by PayPal which is SSL secured, all credit card information is encrypted and secured.

At this time the login for the members side of the website is not secure, plans are in the making to have the login secured in the near future.

Thank you,

SAHC Webmaster