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Attention SAHC board members, prospective board members, volunteers and all support staff.

To all SAHC board members, prospective board members, volunteers and all support staff that have or will have a SAHC email address that forwards to your personal email address.

If you have an AOL, Yahoo or one of Microsofts domains such as Hotmail, Outlook, etc.,  there are issues that prevent the forwarding from the SAHC email server to these domains.  The issue may be the SAHC server, AOL, Yahoo or Microsoft or a combination of both servers.

If the forwarding of emails sent to your SAHC email address to your personal email address is required for your SAHC position you will need to obtain another email address, it is recommended that you use Gmail for this purpose, it is the largest email service available, it is free and it works.

The current president and bulletin editor have done this to insure issue free forwarding from their SAHC email to their personal email.

The ability to forward your current email to a new Gmail address would insure that you do not miss any personal emails if you wish to only check your email at one location.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Jerry Dean

SAHC Webmaster

SAHC Membership Numbers

It has been noted that some members and guides are using their SAHC website login number containing preceding zeros instead of their member numbers on Trail sheets, Hike Submission Forms, Hike Results Forms and Membership Renewal forms.

Member numbers do not contain preceding zeros, only the website login uses preceding zeros to obtain the six characters required for the login process.  Members may also change their password to any password containing at least 6 characters.

Using preceding zeros in the above processes may result in additional time and cause errors in the processing of the forms.  In the Hike Results form using preceding zeros in the member numbers may result in the form returning Unknown in the member name field.  If not corrected the Bulletin Editor must lookup the names and this results in additional time and effort to publish the Bulletin and eBulletin.

The incorrect numbers may also cause errors in the processing of SAHC statistical reports and other forms.

Thank you for your cooperation.